q1. What is the name of the famous clock at the Houses of Parliament?
a) Tiny Tim
b) Big Ben
c) Tall Paul
d) The BT Tower

q2. At the time of the 2001 census, what was the population of Kenilworth?
a) 1 million
b) 500,000
c) 23,219
d) 1500

q3. In the House of Commons, what is the mace?
a) A truncheon to keep rowdy MPs under control
b) A symbol of the power and authority that the monarchy has delegated to the House of Commons in the past
c) A stick, used by Black Rod to hammer on the door to the House of Commons
d) A posh microphone for MPsí karaoke

q4. How many Members of Parliament are there?
a) 23,219
b) 700
c) 646
d) Too many

q5. What does the Lord Chancellor sit on?
a) A green leather bench
b) The Woolsack
c) The front bench
d) A deckchair

q6. Who was William Webb Ellis?
a) The architect of the Houses of Parliament
b) The first MP for Rugby
c) The man who invented rugby
d) The Speaker of the House of Commons

q7. To which Party does Jeremy belong?
a) The Liberal Democrats
b) The Conservative Party
c) The Monster Raving Loony party
d) The Labour Party

q8. In 1605, what did Guy Fawkes try to do?
a) Abseil down the side of Big Ben
b) Chain himself to the railings outside Parliament
c) Become Prime Minster
d) Blow up the Houses of Parliament

q9. Who lives at 10 Downing Street?
a) The Prime Minister
b) Jeremy Wright
c) The Queen
d) The boys from McFly

q10. What colour are the seats in the chamber of the House of Commons?
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Black
d) Green

q11. Which river are the Houses of Parliament built upon?
a) The Severn
b) The Thames
c) The Tyne
d) The Seine

q12. How old do you have to be to vote?
a) 16
b) 18
c) 21
d) 40

q13. What is Hansard?
a) The name of the Bell in the clock tower
b) The name of the Prime Ministers dog
c) The name for the complete record of everything that is discussed in Parliament.
d) The name of the people who guard the Palace of Westminster

q14. What were women allowed to do for the first time in 1918?
a) Vote
b) Wear trousers in Parliament
c) Visit Parliament
d) Become a doctor

q15. Jeremy like James Bond films. What is Bond's codename?
a) Double-0-6
b) Double-0-7
c) Double-0-9
d) Double-0-Zone