Can I Help You?

Are you a Constituent?

Parliamentary rules mean that unfortunately, I can only help people who live in my constituency. To find out if you are a constituent please click on the following link:
Constituency Finder:

What can I do?

The House of Commons has produced a useful factsheet that explains what I can do to help you – and what I can’t do!
House of Commons Fact Sheet:

What Local Councils Can Do

Every week I receive scores of inquiries on a range of different subjects. Many of the issues are administered on the ground in the constituency. Please use the following guide to help you choose the most direct route to solve your problem;

The Town Council is responsible for managing local public properties and for the provision of services including public conveniences, lighting, public footpaths, cycle paths, bus shelters and litter bins.

The District Council is responsible for housing, rubbish collection and the maintenance of local roads. You can find Rugby District Council at Kenilworth is covered by Warwick District Council -

The County Council is responsible for education, libraries, main roads, social services and transport.
Warwickshire Councty Council:

To complain about these things you should write to them or, better still, to you local Councillor. You can find your local Conservative councillors for Rugby here and Conservative councillors for Kenilworth here.
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