Vitamin & mineral tablets used by millions of British people are under threat. Products such as 1 gram Vitamin C tablets that are frequently used in the cold season; and the mineral Boron, important for strong bones and teeth, are set to become illegal once European laws passed recently are fully introduced.

Many more specialist vitamins that have been used safely by UK consumers for many years will also disappear. Almost every multi-vitamin tablet sold in Britain will have to be reformulated to avoid breaking the law.

Despite a lengthy and vigorous campaign by the Conservative Party and Consumers for Health Choice, the Government accepted the new rules. It is too late to reverse that decision - but it's not too late to change the way that the laws will be enforced. The European Commission has still to decide many final details. It is still possible to save many products; but that will not happen unless the Government works hard on our behalf. Right now, that is not happening.

The Conservatives have launched a new campaign to put pressure on the Government to step in and get the right deal in Brussels. We are breaking new ground by organising a nationwide E-petition. We aim to get the backing of at least a million people, backing that we can use to put renewed pressure on Ministers and to make them realise how strongly we all feel about this.

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